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Ground mounted solar is a great alternative if you don't want roof penetration; or simply if your roof has limited exposure to the sun.

Enjoy the freedom that comes with solar power.

Devlin Solar has designed and supplied ground-mounted solar systems for homeowners and small businesses around the Hingham and New England regions. We have a proud history of maintaining high quality, supported by partnerships with reputable solar equipment manufacturers. Installing solar systems should be stress-free and inexpensive. Contact us for our friendly, expert advice.

What is Ground Mount Solar?

Panels are installed on the ground rather than on the rooftops. They are perfect when you have enough open spaces which are well exposed to sunlight. Using mounts that keep them off the ground, we position them to face directions that maximize solar exposure. It would be a better alternative to roof-mounted systems if your roof structure is weak or your roof area is small.

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar

When you're torn between rooftop and ground-mounted solar, the following benefits will help you find the right fit:

  • With ground-mount solar, you can get optimal sunlight exposure as your roof orientation won't restrict you.

  • Ground systems have fewer regulations, unlike roof systems, where you have more building codes to deal with.

  • Air circulates freely beneath the panels, keeping them cool and making them more efficient.

  • Solar panels work best when clean, and it is easier to do this from the ground than when you have to climb the roof.

  • As your energy needs grow, you will find it easier to expand your ground-mounted solar system as you still have more room on the ground.

Types of Ground-Mounted Solar

All ground-mount systems are typically the same since they're installed on the ground, except for two major differences:

  • From a distance, a standard ground-mount design looks more like a pergola. We tilt the panels in the sun's direction and anchor them to the ground with a series of racks. Devlin Solar has many racking options you can choose from depending on your needs.

  • Pole-mounted solar panels are anchored to the ground with a single post. To maximize the energy output, our contractors can install a motorized tracker to ensure that the panel faces the sun at all times. 

If you're planning to install a solar system, talk to Devlin Solar, and we'll help you explore the best options.

Related FAQs

Will Ground-mounted Solar Work for My Business?

High energy consumption characterizes many businesses, as they have to keep different applications running through the day and sometimes into the night. Going solar offers an opportunity to make massive savings. Devlin has been working on various large projects, from greenhouses to commercial properties.

Our experts will ensure that you get solutions that meet your consumption.