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Take back control of your power with green solar energy solutions at 0%.

Are you planning to add an alternative energy source to power your home in Newton? You are not alone. Homeowners in the U.S. are increasingly turning to solar power. Besides reducing energy bills, residential solar panel installation has more to offer.

Devlin Solar is committed to serving homeowners joining the solar energy bandwagon. If you are looking for affordable residential solar panel installation, several options are available for you.

Attractive Tax Rebates

The tax credit offer on solar panels will expire in 2024. Beyond that, Congress may opt to renew it or not. 

Residential Solar Panel Installation - Somerville MA

Solar panel installation is a green investment for you and the environment. Solar energy offers many benefits to homeowners including higher property values and great savings on electricity bills. Save up to 80% on your monthly energy costs in Somerville, MA!

Do you feel like adding an alternative energy source to power your home or facility in Somerville, MA? We've got you covered. Devlin Solar is dedicated to delivering affordable residential solar panel installation for you. 

Why the Need for Residential Solar Panel Installation Services? 

Solar energy is renewable, sustainable, and abundant. Let’s further explore the benefits of residential solar panel installation:

Residential Solar Panel Installation Increases Home Value

Would you like to raise your property value by three to four percent? Installing solar panels in your home can make this possible. The energy savings on the home thanks to the new energy-efficient solar panels make the property more attractive and more valuable to prospective buyers. 

Attractive Tax Rebates 

Thanks to a law passed by Congress in 2020, homeowners with solar energy systems installed in 2020-2022 are now eligible for a 26% tax credit, and 22% for systems installed in 2023. Additionally, your local government may offer extra tax exemptions, rebates, or credits for installing solar energy systems. 

Reduced Dependence on Centralized Grids 

If the centralized power ever grids break down or in the case of any sort of blackout, you’ll want to feel safe, protected, and prepared. Home solar panel installation in Somerville prepares you for anything life might throw at you. By installing a renewable energy system, you ensure the safety of those around you in the event of any sort of public power failure. 

Minimizes Pollution

An easy way to reduce pollution and live more sustainably is to invest in solar energy for your home. Solar power does not produce air pollution or emit greenhouse gasses, so it immensely reduces the carbon footprint of all homeowners who use it.  

Solar Energy Will Keep Money in Your Pocket 

Electricity bills seem to get higher with each passing year. By installing a renewable energy system to your house, you can save yourself valuable resources while you save the planet at the same time. 

Solar panels will also last for many more years to come. You can consider them a long-term subsidy on energy. Further, solar installation costs are declining. Residential solar panel installation in Somerville is now more affordable than ever. Call us today to find out more. 

Solar Works Everywhere 

Solar panel installation is everywhere, and once you install the panels, you're good to go. With many hours of sunshine, your solar reservoir will power your facility for hours or days. But note, this is dependent on your power consumption.

Why Choose Devlin Solar for Your Solar Installation?

Devlin Solar has five decades of experience succeeding in the industry. With two master electricians leading a highly qualified team of professionals who are sincere about what they do, Devlin Solar is committed to bringing quality solar services to Massachusetts.

The Devlin team also boasts former professional roofers who know their way around a roof. Devlin Solar also works with manufacturers that provide the safest solar equipment. Expect over 25 years of experience when you choose Devlin Solar.

How to Get Started?

Having solar panels installed comes with many benefits. Indeed, home solar systems are a worthwhile investment. To install one, you need a trustworthy and reliable service provider.

The Devlin team of professionals offers the best residential solar panel installation in Somerville. To get started, call or contact us anytime to schedule an appointment. One of Devlin's Solar representatives will attend to you.


Devlin Solar will offer you excellent solar panel installation in your home. It pays to go solar in the Somerville region. So, what are you waiting for? Get your free solar quote today.