Solar Energy

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Take back control of your power with green solar energy solutions at 0%.

Are you planning to add an alternative energy source to power your home in Newton? You are not alone. Homeowners in the U.S. are increasingly turning to solar power. Besides reducing energy bills, residential solar panel installation has more to offer.

Devlin Solar is committed to serving homeowners joining the solar energy bandwagon. If you are looking for affordable residential solar panel installation, several options are available for you.

Attractive Tax Rebates

The tax credit offer on solar panels will expire in 2024. Beyond that, Congress may opt to renew it or not. 

Residential Solar Panel Installation Increases Home Value

Does raising your property value by about 3% - 4% sound appealing to you? When you install solar panels in your residence, it will make this possible. As you power up your home with solar energy, you drive up its value.

Apart from increasing your property's value, solar panels also provide an extra selling point for your property. Should you want to put your home on the market, solar power may be the reason why it sells faster.

Reduced Dependence on Centralized Grids

Centralized power grids will break down once in a while. It could be due to a natural disaster or the weather. Residential solar panel installation in Newton provides you with the much-needed power backup. 

On overly sunny days, you may also choose to solely depend on solar power. It will ensure that you are not overdependent on the centralized grid. In case of a blackout, you will need a battery to have the energy to continue enjoying the comfort of a well-lit home.

Minimizes Pollution

Have you always wanted to lead an environmentally-conscious life? Residential solar panel installation would be a great place to start.

Solar power falls within the clean energy category. It does not emit any greenhouse gasses. Likewise, renewable energy comes in handy, even during cloudy days. For these reasons, it is a significant addition to your home. 

Solar Energy will Keep Money in Your Pocket

If you have lately felt that your electricity bills are suffocating you, rest assured because solar panels will save you money. The price of energy is not dropping any time soon. Fortunately, you can ensure that you pay less with solar energy. 

Solar panels will last for years to come. Think of them as a long-term subsidy on energy. What's more, the cost of solar installation is on the decline. Today, residential solar panel installation in Newton is more affordable than ever.

Solar Works Everywhere

Solar power coverage is everywhere. You only need to install the panels, and you're good to go. With just several hours of sunshine, your solar energy reservoir will power your home for many hours or days. Note that this depends on your power consumption. 

Why Choose Devlin Solar for Your Solar Installation?

Devlin Solar is home to two master electricians with over five decades of experience under their belts. They spearhead a team of professionals who are passionate about what they do.

The team also boasts a few former roofers.  These are professionals who know their way around the home's roof. On top of that, this service provider works with manufacturers that provide the safest solar equipment.

If you choose Devlin Solar, you can expect 25 years plus of labor and equipment. Get your free solar quote today.