the federal tax credit incentive has caused millions of homeowners to make to decision of going solar.  The federal government is willing to provide a tax credit that is 26% of your entire system cost.  This essentially means your entire system is discounted by 26%, however these savings are expected to drop and then disappear by 2024.  The figure below displays the next 4 year schedule of federal tax incentives.

Federal Solar Incentives










  Devlin takes pride in creating custom tailored designs that maximize financial and environmental benefit for the homeowner.  Design is a priority to us & we stand by our work, which is what makes devlin the most trusted solar installer on the south shore.

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Residential Solar Systems

Devlin continues to remain on the cutting edge of residential solar designs.  We achieve this by providing exceptional customer service, installations and using our 56+ years of electrical experience to ensure that each and every home is benefitting as much as they can from solar.

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With the intention of reducing our carbon footprint, the state and federal government has provided generous incentives in order to sway homeowners to go solar.  these incentives have a dramatic effect on the final price of your solar system that will increase the already existing potential savings.

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Solar Incentive Programs


What Will I Gain From Going Solar?

Glass Buildings

A Sunny home can expect to save well upwards of $50,000 in a 30 year period by going solar.  If your home seems sunny ... theres no reason not to go solar!

Going solar is actually the #1 way of reducing your carbon footprint.  By going solar, you are actively fighting against climate change by changing your energy supply to a clean & renewable source.

achieve off-grid independence

By pairing your solar array with a battery storage system.  You can effectively eliminate your need to buy power from the grid.  This means no more upcharges and no more power outages

Direct Savings

reduce environmental footprint


State Incentive

Federal Incentive

State Solar Incentives

Property tax exemption

Sales tax exemption

15% income tax credit

Net metering

($1,000 cap)

(for 20 yrs on the entire system)

(sell your excess power back to the grid!)

(all equipment tax free)

On top of the federal incentives, Massachusetts and other States are offering additional incentives to lower the cost of your system even more! The benefits listed below apply specifically to massachusetts, but many other surrounding states have similar benefits!

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Cash Purchase Options for Solar

each homeowner has the freedom to purchase their solar system in various ways.  Cash, loan, or a power purchase agreement.  Each of these forms of payment have their own individual benefits.  Its important for a homeowner to weigh out which of these options makes the most sense to them before switching to solar.  Luckily, our trained solar consultants have the know how to help you properly make a choice that makes the most sense for you and your home.

0        5        10        15        20        25        30        35

avg payback

7.5 years

your savings        $

life of a solar panel system (years)

Buying your solar system in cash gives you the freedom to own your electricity.  An average system bought upfront will pay for itself within 7.5 years of installation.  Given the fact the solar panels only start losing efficiency after 30 years.  This gives you at least 22+ years of free electricity.  Or, an average savings of $50,000+ throughout the life of your system.

Solar Panel Loan Options

A solar loan allows you to eliminate your monthly electric bill using solar, and replace it with a monthly loan payment that has a lower monthly payment then their electric bill.  This gives homeowners the ability to enjoy lower monthly payments until their system is payed off, and then enjoy free electricity for duration of their solar panels life.

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0             5             10             15             20             25             30             35

your Old utility Bill: $250

your new solar bill: $225

life of a solar panel system (years)

Getting a solar loan proves to be the best option for many homeowners.  Not only can you immediately start paying less on your monthly utility bill, but you will notice your savings more and more every year. The reason?  While utility rates rapidly clime every year, your loan payment stays exactly the same for the duration of your loan.  This means you will be paying half the price that your neighbor is paying for the same amount of energy.  The example figure below shows the timeline of a 20 year loan

Avg loan term 15-25 yrs

They pay:  $250        $300           $355            $410              $465            $520             $575               $630      

You pay:   $225           $225           $225            $225              $225              $0                  $0                    $0      

A utility bill that costs


in 2021

will cost


in 2051

Why Devlin?

devlin proves to be among the most trusted solar installers in new england.  With over 6,500+ successful installs, 56+ years of solar & electrical experience, and over $100,000,000 in combined savings for New England homeowners, we are the frontrunners for customer satisfaction, Homeowner savings, and cutting edge solar designs.