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Solar & New Roof 

One low monthly payment that takes care of everything. 

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Solar & A New Roof Go Hand in Hand.

something the Devlin team offers that most solar installers dont are certainteed solar roof tiles. A solar roof is a sleek looking system that doesnt have the typical solar panel look to them. they are solar glass tiles that act as a solar shingle. the solar shingles are aestetic looking solar panels that perform very similar. They capture energy from the sun and help convert the suns energy to electricity that powers your home. 


Looking for an efficient and affordable solar solution? Look no further than CertainTeed Solar's Solstice® PV system. With some of the highest efficiency panels on the market today, Solstice
accelerates your return on investment, improving an already financially sound decision to go solar.

When going solar, often customers wonder about the life span of solar & roof. This answer is not a one size fits all but we can generally state that a roof lifespan is 25 years. The systems we construct are built to last more than 25 years but are generally covered by a 25-year warranty. With that being said, It is a great opportunity to get a new roof when you go solar. With the number of options we give for purchasing, a customer can have a new roof & solar with ZERO dollars upfront & a low monthly bill- which can still be lower than your electricity bill. With a high electric bill and no new roof coming with it, the power companies are making a lot of money off their customers. With the option to invest in your home with payments less than your electric bill- Solar is the new way to go. When you get a roof and solar through us, we can add the industry-leading warranty. This option offers peace of mind to the homeowner and is a reason why thousands go solar with Devlin.